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Brian Dylan Freeman

Head Guide/Part Owner

Starting out chewing on decoys his dad knew he would be hooked. By the age of 12 his dad was taking him in the bottoms chasing birds it only took one trip and Dylan was hooked. It started out with Dylan skipping high school to be on the road chasing birds or in the blind working birds. The Dylan and his wife moved to Oklahoma for her college, he was guiding on the weekends making extra cash to save for their first house. Now he wouldn’t know what to do without early mornings and the guys he meets along the way.  He wouldn’t know what to do if he couldn’t chase waterfowl, deer, and fish.

James Hopkins 

Guide/ Land Management

Brought up in a small town in north east Texas James was all about the outdoors leaving school early with his dad to hit the woods. He later took a 5 year break to serve and defend out country in the Marine Corps. Spending all of his free time in the outdoors, when it’s hot he finds his self on the rivers in Texas chasing 200 pound Gator Gar and then when the temp drops he hits the woods chasing waterfowl and deer. “There’s no better feeling than looking down the blind seeing all the smiling faces and high fives when a volley of widget give it up in the spread”- James His right hand man and all time favorite blind partner is Cash his chocolate lab.

Hannah Salmon

Photographer/Land Management 

Hannah has been a long time hunter tagging along with her dad since she was little. Growing up in Oklahoma she has hunted mainly whitetail, but with a growing passion for waterfowl during the past 4 years. Learning a lot from her father in her younger years and continuing to learn from those she meets along the way she has always been apart of the outdoors.


Brad Klopfenstein

Operations Manager/ Guide

Brad grew up in North Central Oklahoma, chasing waterfowl and traveling state to state hunting upland game birds. In the off season he jumps hunt trial to hunt trial running his two dogs Gunner and Maggie. He enjoys sharing the blind with our clients just as much as he loves kicking back at the hotel with em swapping hunting memories.

Dane Jenkins


Dane was brought up in North Central Oklahoma, he has been chasing Deer, Ducks, and any other kind of wild game he could get his hands on. Now day he continues chasing chasing wildlife around his day time job of being a fire fighter.

Samantha Willard


Growing up in Northern Oklahoma Samantha grew up chasing upland game birds, waterfowl, and and big Oklahoma whitetails.  

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