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Our available hunting venues consist of: Dry Agricultural Fields , Flooded Agricultural Fields, Managed Wetland Projects, and Farm Ponds. Primary targets include big goose and mallard feeds and when the feeds aren’t right we switch to chasing them on loaf ponds.


What to expect, while hunting with us.

You will be talking with Dylan, who will be your contact, as you prepare for your hunt. He can also help advise you on where to stay during you visit. The day prior to your hunt Dylan will meet with you to discuss the coming hunt, your guide and settle up on any unpaid balance. All bookings must be paid in full prior to the first day of the hunt. From there we will discuss what time and where to meet in the morning. When meeting up the morning of the hunt you will fallow the guide to the field where y’all will set decoys up and go over safty precautions. Once the hunt starts it will run till you are limited out or 11 a.m., which ever comes first. After the hunt we’ll pick up decoys and the guide will take off scouting. Your guide is not being rude or antisocial when he goes scouting, he’s trying to make sure that his clients will be satisfied with their hunt the next day as well. He will stay incontact with you that evening about what the hunt the next day will look like as far as what time to be up and what the scouting prevaled. All of our hunts are considered combo duck and goose hunts if you would like to specify what species you would like to harvest we will take that into consideration when scouting. It is important that all guest clean up after themselves during the hunts. This ensures  that the venues are well kept for the wildlife and future hunters. Our goal at Freeman’s Adventures is to provide you with a quality hunting experience and memories to last you a lifetime.    

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Deposits and Payments

For general inquiries or feedback, please get in touch with us.Payments regarding deposits and settling up on the remainder of the balance are final upon payment and are not refundable. If an unpreventable circumstance occurs feel free to call Dylan but the only option from there is move the hunt date witch will have to occur around the booking schedule and available dates.Payments are accepted in the fallowing Paypal Friends and family or if done as merchant and sales the client will be liable for the difference paypal charges Freeman’s AdventuresCheck payable to Freeman’s Adventures LLC memo Watefowl hunt deposit!

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Brian Dylan Freeman 

Head Guide/ Owner. He grew up hunting the the bottom lands of Van Texas and traveled to the Sulpher River where they chased green heads in the timber. His father Brian Freeman introduced him into duck hunting at the age of 12, ever since then Dylan hasn’t stopped chasing birds. Dylan is known for doing what it takes to get on the birds as long as breakfast is on the way.


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